Monday, August 15, 2005


Welcome to my blog, a place where I hope to share my thoughts, experiences and photographs on at least a semi-regular basis. My life is entering an eventful period, so I should have plenty of subject matter. The irony is that as I have more to post about, the less time I will have to post it. I make no promises about the regularity of my blogging.

Case in point: over the next five weeks, I will have almost daily access to this site. While there's going to be quite a bit happening over that time, most of it will involve the logistical challenges of preparing to move out of the country. That's only going to provide interesting stories if unexpected "challenges" arise, and I'm rather hoping none will.

After that, the adventures begin, first to China and then Japan. With them come a host of uncertainties, including how often I will have access to the 'net. When I do, my first priority will be keeping in touch with my fiance, Maureen Muldoon, who is teaching English in Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan through the JET Program. My second priority will be updating this site.


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