Thursday, September 22, 2005


I write tonight from LAX, less than three hours before leaving. I've
been in Los Angeles since my train arrived early this morning. It was
an interesting ride, to say the least.

I spent most of the day bumbling around LA, trying to accomplish a few
last minute errands. Even simple task like finding a place to get an
omelet and mailing a few letters became rather complicated from being
on my own in a strange place. And that was still with people speaking
the same language I do! At least I could relax in the evening while a
local photographer friend, Steve Crise, showed me around.

We watched the sun set while standing on the tender of ex-Santa Fe
steam engine 3751, a rather appropriate place. The next time I see the
sun, I will be in China, and it will be Friday, not Thursday, morning.
3751 is a preserved locomotive brought out occassionally for fan
trips. Its golden days ended 50 years ago. Where I'm going, the sun is
dropping fast, but not quite gone, on a few places where steam power
still reigns. With a little luck and a safe flight, I'll soon be
writing from there.


Pavivina said...

Even not knowing you. Thanks for this blog...from the southern country of Chile.

Birgit said...

Good luck on your trip - who was it again saying, Every journey begins with the first step?
May your first step be under a lucky star.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and stay safe on your trip, Scott. And most of all, thanks for sharing this blog with me. Great writing.

~Alexander Craghead

Anonymous said...

Best of luck and hope you have great time in china and japan.

df said...

very nice blogging. good luck on your trip. i shall be going with you thru this blog if you shall let me. i read back thru your other entries and found them very refreshing. especially the one of the discussion at the table with your grandma(?), and the first one, i think, about farmers. my grandparents were farmers in kansas and the way you described it took me back many years to days when i would walk the fields with my grandpa. thanks, have fun & be safe.


Lizze said...

Please blog about your trip in China! I am going to China in October and any insight would be much appreciated.

Enjoy your trip!

Meg said...

Wow, great blog. Best of luck on your trip. Praying blessings over you and your fiance.

gary j. introne said...

Very nice blog; wishing to keep reading, as you travel and send entries. Thanks.

Wherever you go, have you not ever felt as if you'd already been there?

Gary introne

Shahab said...

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gavotte007 said...

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pennystocks said...

I am missing my blog. my guess is someone stole it, and blogger will not give it back. It's tehy have stopped responding to my requests for them to turn it over to me. This is really a downer because I had almost 2500 posts on my blog, and now someone else is using my content. Oh well. Thanks for writing a very descriptive blog. I hope your trip is a safe one!

Anonymous said...

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