Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Updates . . . and the rules of blogging

Faithful readers,

At long last, there are many new posts on this site and I can once again claim that it is up-to-date. Please accept my apologies for letting it go so long. There are five new posts below this one, some with photos, covering everything from a "simple" trip to the pool to getting married in a foreign country.

In letting things get so behind here, I forsook my own #1 Rule of Blogging. That is, don't get behind! And if you do get behind, it's much better to skip a few items (or days, or weeks) and keep writing about current topics, rather than forsaking the present in the hopes of catching up on the past. I did that by necessity in China. In Japan, with the promise of being able to write any time I want, it's so much easier to put things off "til later." Whenever "later" might be.


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