Thursday, February 03, 2011

Eastbound (?)

I'm supposed to be heading east on this afternoon's Empire Builder, train no. 28, out of Portland. Destination is CRPA Headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. As I've posted before, the afternoon eastbound departure of train 28 uses the same equipment that arrives in the morning as westbound train no. 27. A quick check of the Amtrak website this morning revealed that train 27 is running almost 12 hours late today. Since the scheduled turnaround time between the two trains is only six hours and 25 minutes, I was rather concerned, but both the website and an Amtrak ticket agent assured me that this afternoon's train is scheduled to depart on-time. Further checking the website reveal that yesterday's train 28 was annulled as a result of the severe blizzard that just hit parts of the Prairies and the Midwest, so I can only assume that today's 28 will use the leftover equipment from yesterday's canceled run. Otherwise, it's going to be a long bus ride to Spokane or wherever.

I'll be photographing the trip, but I may not be able to post updates until I land in the Badger State, hopefully sometime on Saturday afternoon or evening. Photos and reports for the next couple of days will be posted as soon as I have access.

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Steve said...

Good luck and safe travels Scott.