Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cherry Blossoms

It's the middle of May, and nearly two months after the first cherry trees starting blooming in southern Japan, the pink-and-white blossoms have finally come to Hokkaido. On Saturday, Maureen and I took a short trip to Date (dah-tay), the next city to the west, where we found the trees along the Kimonbetsu River in full bloom. There were also a few trees next to the railway, so (with Maureen's patience), I had to try some trees-and-trains photos.

Super Hokuto limited express bound for Sapporo.

Twilight Express night train bound for Osaka.

I think they came out looking a little "forced," but with only six trees at the back of a vacant lot, the angles were few. I've seen some beautiful rail photography in Japan, but it seems that even the Japanese photographers often struggle to find "natural" compositions of trains and cherry blossoms.

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