Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Evening Train

Muroran station is at the end of an 8-km branchline on the Etomo Peninsula. There are 23 passenger trains per day in each direction, running to and from the junction with the mainline at Higashi-Muroran (higashi=east). Usually, to go very far from Muroran, you have to change trains in Higashi-Muroran. However, five of the trains are direct expresses to and from Sapporo. They're four cars long (the longest on the branchline) and carry the name "Suzuran," or "Lily of the Valley."

Going from Muroran to Sapporo, there are two departures in the morning, one at midday, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. The evening train leaves at 7:15pm, and in the long days of late spring and early summer, that's right around sunset. Hence, it's one of my favorite trains to photograph.

Here are some takes from the past two weeks.

May 2:

May 7:

May 15:

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