Monday, January 31, 2011

Amtrak and Singer Hill Steps

Amtrak Cascades train no. 504 passing the Singer Hill steps in Oregon City.

Today I tried an angle that I've been examining for a while, during each one of Maureen's and my frequent walks up and down the Singer Hill steps. The view is looking up the hill from near its base by the municipal elevator, as northbound Amtrak Cascades train no. 504 streaks past on its way to Portland. The steps were part of a 1936-37 Work Progress Administration project. While we enjoy the convenience of the elevator, we more often prefer the steps for the exercise. Last fall, I took two friends who were having dinner with us to this same spot as another Cascades train, no. 507, went by in the evening. They thrilled the train's speed and proximity, and we all enjoyed the fleeting voyeuristic experience of peering into the lighted windows of passing passengers, our paths crossing for just that single moment as they continued on their southbound journey and we went home for dinner.

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LouT1501 said...

I had wondered whether those steps really led somewhere. There were only one or two times that I actually saw someone on them. And it seemed like there was a walkway, now blocked, that extended south from the steps.

Great image, Scott!