Wednesday, January 05, 2011

UMAX Containers

UMAX containers rolling south through Oregon City.

This afternoon a solid wall of navy blue passed through Oregon City, 19 feet high and over a mile long. It consisted of 184 brand-new, empty UMAX shipping containers. UMAX is a domestic interline container program between the Union Pacific and CSX railroads. The containers are manufactured in China and shipped to Portland, where they are immediately loaded onto trains and taken to Los Angeles, where they are placed into service. Why not ship the containers directly to the Port of LA-Long Beach? Why, to take advantage of Oregon's lack of sales tax, of course!

On a climatic note, after opening with three days of unseasonable sun, 2011 has reverted to more typical weather in western Oregon. The clouds rolled in yesterday and the damp, familiar gloom of Portland winters returned today. Thanks to Kyle W-Y for the heads-up on this train.

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